African Mango – Weight Loss Pill

African mango is a new product on the weight loss market. It is comprised of an extract of a plant known as Irvingia Gabonensis, which is included in many diet supplements, including IrvingAppress. The website provides information for the product and there is plenty of other information on the internet that can be found regarding details and benefits as well as how the product works effectively to support weight loss. African Mango has been the subject of clinical trials that have been published, and offers an average weight loss of 12.3 pounds in 8 weeks time. This is quite normal and definitely safer than most diet supplements. This product also helps lower cholesterol.

African Mango is popular because it is seen as a ’super fruit’, which is very popular right now in weight loss. This can help stimulate fat hormones and curb appetite cravings. Additionally, green tea is included to boost metabolism and increase energy to burn even more fat. There is no list of how much of the ingredients are included or if there are any side effects, which is unfortunate.

African Mango is a single ingredient that has been said to be quite possibly the most effective weight loss ingredient to recently hit the market. When you use African Mango, you will see it first start working as it helps to suppress the appetite. It’s also been clinically proven to increase fat burning by elevating the metabolism.

It has not been connected to any serious side effects.

This one ingredient is the only ingredient, prescription or natural, that has been clinically proven to lower levels of leptin to help you to get on your way and avoid weight rebound. And it continues to demonstrate significant effects, only requiring 150mg, which amazingly enough, most companies don’t even bother to use.